Coil spring HF Rectangular spring

  • Coil spring HF Rectangular spring
  • Coil spring HF Rectangular spring

Coil spring HF Rectangular spring

Rectangular spring -(Lightest Load)
Product name: HF

Material: 50CrVa quenched steel wire

Product Details

Rectangular spring -(Lightest Load)



50CrVa quenched steel wire
Product application:
Hardware mold                
  Rectangular spring and advantages of spring
1.Spring material
   It is made of high-quality 50CrVa quenched steel wire,which
   is resistantto fatigue,high temperature and good toughness

2. Material modeling
  Coil spring is in the shape of rectangular section fillet and round edge, to be careful
   overall consider of space utilization, it is different from the normal rectangular
   right angle side,the spring operates at high speed to reduce stress concentration.

3. Strong pressure treatment
   The spring shall be subjected to more than three times of strong pressure
   treatment to eliminate the internal stress before use, and no spring
   deformation,shortening and other phenomena will occur during use.

4. Strengthening treatment
   After the surface strengthening treatment, the surface structure of the spring is
   solid, which improves the strength of the stress concentration point and makes
   the spring have a long fatigue life.

5. Service life
    According to the die stroke, the recommended service life of P1 is 1 million
times,that of P2 is 500 thousand times,and that of P3 is 300 thousand times. 



Product display
- Details determine success or failure, and the process highlights quality




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